Tia Lasswell

Prepared for Anything

When Tia Lasswell was voted Rockford’s No. 1 Wedding Planner by The Knot, her own fiance wasn’t surprised.
“He was like, ‘Everyone can see the passion you have for what you’re doing,’” Lasswell says. “He pushes me to do more. I’ll stay until the bitter end of your wedding and pack you up in your car, and not everyone does that, but it’s important for me to know at the very end of the night that you’ve enjoyed yourself to your fullest.”

A 1994 graduate of Rockford East High School, Lasswell began her career by managing restaurants like Thunder Bay Grille, in Rockford, and handling food and beverage operations at resorts like The Abbey, in Fontana, Wis.

Helping out with events, especially weddings, was always her favorite part of the job. “So, I just decided to take the plunge and open my own business,” she says. 

Since 2011, Lasswell has organized weddings as the owner of Capstone Occasions. And, since 2014, she’s partnered with D.C. Estate Winery to run all of their events.

There have been many times when Lasswell has saved the day. 

“I had one wedding where the deejay thought he didn’t have to show up until 20 minutes before the ceremony, but he got stuck in traffic and then didn’t do any sound checks,” Lasswell recalls. “So, I had to improvise for the ceremony. That’s why I always ask everybody what songs they’re walking down to the aisle to, and I always download them on my phone, just in case.”

Wedding planning isn’t all glitz and glam. Though Lasswell admits most brides aren’t “bridezillas,” she has helped quite a few intoxicated wedding parties, whether it’s by holding back a bridesmaid’s hair or tying a groom’s shoes. And, it’s pretty typical for Lasswell to do a bit of cake decorating and flower arranging at every wedding. She aims to have a “Plan B” for any situation.

“I had another wedding where the officiant texted me that she was sick on the side of the road. I’m better at getting people down the aisle, but I am ordained as a backup,” she says.

Being able to alleviate stress for brides and grooms, and their parents, is what drives Lasswell to put in countless hours of work. 

“It’s so rewarding to see everything come together, and to see how much joy the entire experience brings,” she says.

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